Crisis pregnancy help is available here, including            Dealing with the pain of a past abortion?  If  
information about abortion and adoption, and confidential                   so, you are not alone!  Hope and healing are 
email and chat room counseling:                                                            possible.  Visit here for more information:

           teenbreaks.com                                                                                   hopeafterabortion.com   
           pregnancycenters.org                                                                          silentnomoreawareness.org 

Do you need help with end of life issues?  Visit Right to Life of Michigan's website for more information

Free local crisis pregnancy help is available here:                     
   Positive Options (formerly the LPC) 
                700 Washington, Grand Haven
                 616-842-7510     http://www.mypositiveoptions.org/               
Positive Options provides FREE
- Reliable and medically professional pregnancy confirmation
- Limited OB ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy*
- Information on pregnancy options, health care, abortion risks and alternatives
- Referrals to OB/GYN physicians, adoption and post abortive services, etc.
- Confidential one-on-one appointments

Need Help?
               Pregnant                Need Post-Abortion              Questions About End
             and Scared?                   Counseling?                            of Life Issues?

                                  We can get you the help you deserve.