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             and Scared?                   Counseling?                            of Life Issues?

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Crisis pregnancy help is available here, including            Dealing with the pain of a past abortion?  If  
information about abortion and adoption, and confidential                   so, you are not alone!  Hope and healing are 
email and chat room counseling:                                                            possible.  Visit here for more information:


Do you need help with end of life issues?  Visit the Right to Life of Michigan's website for more information

Free local crisis pregnancy help is available here:                     
   Positive Options (formerly the LPC) 
                700 Washington, Grand Haven
Positive Options provides FREE
- Reliable and medically professional pregnancy confirmation
- Limited OB ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy*
- Information on pregnancy options, health care, abortion risks and alternatives
- Referrals to OB/GYN physicians, adoption and post abortive services, etc.
- Confidential one-on-one appointments